Our Policy

Our company from its foundation until today operates based on the protection of the environment and the principles of the circular economy.

It is worth mentioning that the company operates exclusively with electricity and aims to generate zero waste in the environment during the production process.

We make a great effort to minimize the energy footprint of the company. Maintaining a photovoltaic park in our facilities, the use of new technologies with the help of specialized partners and the use of 100% recyclable raw materials are just some of our actions we do to achieve this goal.

We maintain a recycling department in order to produce excellent quality recycled material for the production of bags made exclusively from recycled material.

We invest in new types of biodegradable raw materials for the production of COMPOST certified products (biodegradable bags) with almost zero environmental footprint.

The preservation of the environment and the observance of the principles of sustainable development and the circular economy, is a matter for all of us and our company proves it every day!

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